Yvonne Lowery-Kennedy

(1948 – 2022)

  • Position:
    Legacy Leaders

Yvonne Sharon Lowery Kennedy was born in Birmingham Alabama on January 20th, 1948 as the eldest daughter of Dr. Joseph E. Lowery and Dr. Evelyn Gibson Lowery. A resident of Calera, Alabama Yvonne retired from the University of Alabama at Birmingham, UAB , where she was the Deputy Director of the Minority Business Program and Founder and Director of the Women’s and Girls Business Network at the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

Yvonne served as Founding Chair of the Birmingham chapter of the National Congress of Black Women, NCBW, incorporated and served on their National Board of Directors and was Regional Director for Alabama and Mississippi. Yvonne was honored to serve as Chairman of the Board of SCLC women, INC. an organization founded by her mother, she also served as Coordinator of the Dr. Evelyn G. Lowery Heritage Tour for the Birmingham, Alabama location. Yvonne was the Executive Director of Audiostate 55 Music Arts and Technology Foundation, and she was the Kid’s Christian Music Center’s Children’s Choir Coordinator. Previously she served as the Director of the Campfire Self Reliance Program for United Way of Birmingham.